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Markless™ Cover Series

Introducing the Markless Cover Series – the DSC Stalk Cover and the PC Podium Cover, made exclusively for Markless by TeleGizmos™.   Covers are available now.   Initial supplies are limited, so order today to secure a cover for your DSC Stalk or PC Podium in time for the next star party.

The covers protect from rain, dew, dust, pollen, and sun.

Perfect for star parties, garages, and observatories.   These covers eliminate the problem of your regular telescope cover not being able to fit over the DSC Stalk and/or PC Podium.

Here’s what Telegizmos™ has to say about their solar covers…

“The TeleGizmos Solar Scope Cover is a multi-layer, polyethylene material with a fully aluminized surface.  The heat reflective ability of the cover is extremely high with a material strength equal to a multi-layer light weight tarp.

The material was originally developed for NASA as an insulator in spacecraft.  It is very strong, light, tear and puncture resistant and is highly superior to Mylar in durability.

The benefits of the covers are numerous:

  • Highly water resistant without the need of spray on sealers.   Washable.
  • Highly reflective.   True & effective radiant barrier protection.   Greatly reducing scope temperature on scopes left outside in sunlight.
  • They can be securely fastened to your scope with the built in draw string.
  • Double lap sewn seams for strength.
  • Tear and puncture resistant.
  • Extreme temperature tolerance.
  • Recommended usage: Temporary outside storage.”
  • Prices:

  • DSC Stalk II Cover - $26 plus $5.00 S&H (Priority Mail).

  • PC Podium Cover - $45 plus $5.00 S&H (Priority Mail).

    North Carolina residents please add 8.25% sales tax.  Email me at cs(at)marklessastronomics dot com to order.

    Charles Starks, Charlotte, NC

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